America’s Cup: A Challenge for the Participants

The commitment that the teams have made for winning America’s Cup matches their eagerness for hiding how they are going to do it. However, the skirted hulls era that was used for the protection of design secrets has now been replaced by the era of share in which exposure is more or less important like hosting the trophy. But as the boats are flying now, it is not possible for hiding anything, and with the increase of commercialization, it has become important to make America’s Cup interesting for the public unless someone is ‘Stars+Stripes’ in the USA.

The remaining American challenger is keeping off the lights and the doors shut while four teams are currently on the waters for some months now with each of their AC75s. Trying to offer insight to the public has become difficult these days from the Challenger and Defender of Record. The competition of the 36th edition of America’s Cup which is under the protocol begins at the World Series of America’s Cup 2020. It will take place in Cagliari in Italy.

But the most important thing that people need for taking part in the competition is to build and launch a boat, test it, train it and then transport it to the venue. They need to have a lot of stuff and so it is impossible to take place by the month of April if they do not take the initiative to begin with the process now.

There is a possibility that the rules for taking part in America’s Cup will be written again to encourage sailors to participate in it. With the mission to build an all-American team particularly for this competition, it will definitely be a great inspiration for the next generation of sailors who are eager to take part in the competition.