America’s Cup: A Challenge for the Participants

The commitment that the teams have made for winning America’s Cup matches their eagerness for hiding how they are going to do it. However, the skirted hulls era that was used for the protection of design secrets has now been replaced by the era of share in which exposure is more or less important like hosting the trophy. But as the boats are flying now, it is not possible for hiding anything, and with the increase of commercialization, it has become important to make America’s Cup interesting for the public unless someone is ‘Stars+Stripes’ in the USA.

The remaining American challenger is keeping off the lights and the doors shut while four teams are currently on the waters for some months now with each of their AC75s. Trying to offer insight to the public has become difficult these days from the Challenger and Defender of Record. The competition of the 36th edition of America’s Cup which is under the protocol begins at the World Series of America’s Cup 2020. It will take place in Cagliari in Italy.
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Decision For Purchase Of Armory Building By The National Sailing Hall Of Fame Would Go By January

By January end, various officials from National Sailing Hall of Fame (NSHOF) and the Newport city are hoping to get the things final for the sale of municipal Armory present on lower Thames Street to the Hall of Fame. The closing of sale deal is taking longer than expected time, according to some.

On August, the City Council approved an agreement of purchase-and-sales for selling the main as well as second floors of building to Sailing Hall of Fame and it for $1.685 million. According to the agreement, until Nov. 8 the Hall of Fame had 90 days to undertake all the things related to buying the property which included liabilities reviewing like possible mould, asbestos and other items. On October 17, the board of directors of Sailing Hall of Fame has given the vote and it was 17-9 regarding the relocation of the hall from Captain Burtis House, which is a historic building in Annapolis, Maryland, to the historic Armory building in Newport, which is again a historic building. At the time, the executive director of Hall of Fame and also a renowned sailor Gary Jobson thought that closing of whole deal would get over by November.
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2018 RYA Sailability Multiclass Champion Is Everitt

The 11th RYA Sailability Regatta event came to an end last weekend and the 2018 RYA Sailability Multiclass Champion of Champions was Mike Everitt. He is from the Frensham Pond Sailability and got the better of 80 sailors to claim the championship.

This is one of the biggest disability sailing events in the UK and sailors with all kinds of disabilities took part I the 11th edition of the RYA Sailability event. The sailors competed in 8 different boat classes. Many of the boats were remodeled to help the people with disability to take part in the event.
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Upcoming Nations Cup Grand Final

The Nations Cup Grand Final for 2018 is to be hosted in San Francisco by St. Francis Yacht Club. The event will be held from October 10th to 14th.

This is a tournament that is an international level championship, which is organized by World Sailing. At this event there are top competitors who come to participate from around the world. There is a Women’s division as well as an Open series. The edition of 2018 will have mainly J/22s as the sailing vessels.

The Open Division will have skippers who have finished at the top of the 2017 event of US Match Racing Championship. This Open Division will have a Nations Cup Regional qualifier round as well whose location and date need to be determined. There would be ten teams who would be pre qualified and would be competing for the 2017 US Match Racing Championship which would be held from 13th to 15th of October. The races would be held at the Oyster Bay area of New York at Match 40s venue. Women skippers have been asked to apply and indeed, most applications are in. The teams would have the chance to represent their country as Nations Cup qualifiers. Continue reading Upcoming Nations Cup Grand Final

New Zealand Looking To Do Better At The Youth America’s Cup

The New Zealand sailing team is not having a good time so far at the Red Bull Youth America’s Cup finals.

They were the team that won the Youth America’s Cup title in 2013. They need to do something drastic in the final race if they are looking at repeating the heroics that they showcased in 2013.

The young Kiwi team entered the finals as one of the top contenders to win the title. But, they did not perform to their full potential and now are playing catch up after the first race. They got caught in the traffic and were only able to finish in the 7th position out of 8 boats. This is really a bad result for the team that was looking to win the Youth America’s Cup title.

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Navy Lost Kennedy Cup From Students

When in class other students were complaining about the lack of competitive sports in the school campus, Andrew “Ty” Baird decided to step ahead and face the waterfront

Baird just lifted his backpack of USF and but didn’t say any word. He has listened to these comments many times before, could be the reason.

The sailing teams of USF St. Petersburg, varsity and Co-ed, get overlooked often. In November, the Co-ed team of USF St. Petersburg competed in the Intercollegiate Sailing Association competition Kennedy Cup and won the first position. In the competition the team of eight men beats the Naval Academy of United States. The event took place in Annapolis, Maryland.

The victory in Annapolis has allowed the team of USFSP to go to the next level, i.e. 37th annual Student Yachting World Cup (SYWC). The event will take place in France.

Baird grew up in St. Petersburg (a junior business major). Father of Baird is a pro sailor and the mother of Baird also a sailor (world champion)

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India Sailing Fresh Start In December

Seeing the poor performance of Indian in sailing competition in Rio Olympics, Yachting Association of India decided not to renew the contract of national coach Pete Conway who is from England.

The decision to not to renew contract was taken keeping Varun Thakkar-KC Ganapathy (49er) and Varsha Gautham-Aishwarya Nedunchezhiyan (49erFX) in consideration. All four need to clear their academic examination backlog.

But, the cheer came to face all these payers when YAI decided to get a new coach from Australia. From December, the coach from Australia Ian Stuart Warren will join YAI as a coach and will take over the position. In Australia, Warren has produced four Olympians and his recruitment has been done keeping this fact in mind. YAI member said sports ministry has already finalized his name; we are just waiting for his contract finalization that will go for four years.

He is the deserving candidate for the profile as he has a good track record. Moreover, the financial expectations of Warren were within the capacity of YAI and thus he became the first choice. According to sources, the decision to get a new coach for the team was taken keeping the coming Olympics in mind. Continue reading India Sailing Fresh Start In December